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Breathing life into your perfectly planned home

Hi, I’m Emily Fox, a home designer working with homeowners, architects, builders, and tradespeople. I design beautiful homes that work practically for everyday life.  

Whether an extension or remodel, I’ll design an efficient, logical, and elegantly free-flowing space that fits your personality and lifestyle. And I use 3D images to breathe life into your perfectly planned design.

Are you struggling to design and picture your ideal home?

Transforming where you live into a perfectly designed home is an exciting adventure. But knowing the best way to use your new living space can be tricky. The number of options to choose from and decisions to make can be overwhelming. And it’s challenging to visualise how a design will translate from paper to reality and whether the results will work.

Creative, cost-effective 3D designs that work

From living spaces that flow to maximising storage in a new kitchen, seeing your vision in 3D will help you make the right choices for new room designs, remodelling or extensions.

I work with you to find creative ways that make the most of every nook and cranny in your home and help you visualise the results. And I guide you through the transformation process, collaborating with your architects and builders to save you time and avoid costly mistakes.

“Emily spent the time to understand my needs before providing me with some great ideas and suggestions. Thank you.”

Becky C | Lambourn

Let’s visualise your space

You can use 3D designs before your project begins to shape your plan and clarify what you’ll be asking an architect or builder to do. The results can also help you to choose your team and ensure everything is crystal clear from the start with a shared vision across everyone involved.


On the other hand, you may already have commissioned an architect, builder, or kitchen fitter, but you can’t picture the result. It’s never too late to use 3D designs to ensure your plan ticks all the boxes.


From having a vision to getting stuck along the way, wherever you are in your transformation journey, I can help you design, visualise and create your perfect home: a beautiful and practical space that works for you in every way.

remodel design 3D image of kitchen

Let’s talk

To find out how we can breathe life into your beautifully practical home design, book a no-obligation 1-hour site visit. I’ll come to you and get to know you and your space to understand precisely what you need.

I work within a 20-mile radius of my office in Hermitage, West Berkshire.

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