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Blank page projects: extensions and new room designs

A new space in your home is full of opportunities. But faced with an empty extension or blank box, you’ll need vision and creativity to best use your impressive extension or neat new room.

I’ll design a space-planning solution that connects with your personality, lifestyle and budget.

Existing space: remodelled designs

You have an existing space, but you want to use it differently. Unlike a renovation (which focuses on repairs, updates, and decoration), remodelling often changes the functionality and design of an area. It can involve tearing down walls, reconfiguring plumbing or changing the layout of a bathroom or kitchen.  Or it might mean changing the purpose of a room, for example, turning an unused dining room into a much-needed home office.

Whatever your needs, I’ll design a solution to give your existing space a beautiful, practical, and useable new design.

remodel design services

Your space

Transforming your existing home into a perfect lifestyle space is an exciting but potentially daunting journey. You want creative ideas that reflect your personality, but you are worried that a bespoke design will be complicated and expensive. From starting with a blank space to revamping an existing space, we can work together to devise cost-effective and tailored solutions that tick all the boxes.

Your project

I work with your build team to bring to life the vision for your home project.  


Seeing your new space in 3D will guide your decisions throughout the project and helps your tradespeople to meet your needs first time. This saves time, avoids costly mistakes, and ensures you get a design that you love.


Your project will consist of two easy-to-understand elements that keep everyone working towards the same goal:

  • Your Design Package gives you the essentials to progress your project.

  • Optional Extras for ongoing project support to keep your project on track.

Your Design Package

Your fixed-price design package will give you the essentials to capture your vision, our ideas, and the structural design your builder will need to progress planning applications (if required) and begin the work.

Your package will include:

  • All site visits for measurements and reviews after each version of your design

  • 2D and 3D plans of your existing home layout (or relevant rooms), including chimneys, doors, windows, main fixtures and fittings, and large furniture

  • Up to four 2D plans of proposed new layouts and designs with up to 12 3D static designs


Your package may include:

  • 3D plans with alternative wall colours, doors, and window styles

  • 3D plans of external structures, e.g. patio, driveway, garden walls

  • 3D walk-throughs - online views where you can ‘walk through’ the building

  • 2D CAD drawings with more detailed measurements for contractors

Design Packages start at £250. Your Design Package is invoiced 50% upfront and 50% on completion.

Optional Extras

Optional extras provide ongoing project support to continue working in a way that best suits you and supports your decisions throughout your project.

These can include:

  • 2D and 3D plans of individual room layouts with main furniture, storage etc.

  • 3D plans with alternative wall colours, doors and window styles

  • 3D plans of external works, e.g. patio, driveway, garden walls

  • 3D walk-throughs (online views where you can ‘walk through’ the building)

  • Collaboration and communication with your build teams

Optional Extras are charged at £40/ hour. Optional Extras over £100 are invoiced at the end of each month, with any remaining costs included on your final invoice.

Double Sink

Let’s get started

Ready to design your ideal home? Get in touch to discuss your project or book your free site visit and consultation.

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