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About remodel design

My story

In 2019, I embarked on a major renovation project on my home. Whilst I had the broad vision in mind, I couldn’t picture whether the designs would get us there, and I realised there wasn’t a consistent view across the build team of exactly what we were aiming for.


Frustrated with the limitations of 2D designs and the inflexibility of retail design services, I taught myself how to use 3D software to explore options for the vast new space we were creating.


I made mistakes but learnt a lot from the process, and the results were invaluable for making numerous design and purchase decisions. They also provided a solid and shared understanding between my builders, kitchen suppliers and bathroom fitters, savings hours of frustration and potentially costly mistakes.


I loved and valued the experience so much that I decided to help others who faced the same struggles I’d had. I started Remodel Design to work with people who have a vision for a beautiful but practical home that fits with how they want to live. And now, I help private clients navigate the often-confusing world of home improvement and building work, using 3D images to communicate with trades, aid decision-making and ultimately be part of creating your perfect home.


Why choose remodel design?

I design beautiful homes that work practically for everyday life.  


If you’d like to work with me to breathe life into your ideal home designs, you’ll enjoy a service that ensures:

Attention to you

Every design is a bespoke solution that works for you, your home, your lifestyle, and your budget. I’m not tied to any brands or suppliers, so you aren’t restricted by the products provided by one company. Instead, you’re free to choose the right things for you and your space.

Attention to detail

Before remodel design, I worked for 20 years in financial research, which alongside a Maths degree, makes me a stickler for detail. This means I carefully think through every nook and cranny in your house and account for every detail. And it results in a comprehensive plan that ensures everyone involved in your build is on the same page.

Adaptable designs

2D designs and some 3D retail design services can be frustrating. Every time you want to make a small change, it can feel like you’ve returned to the drawing board. The flexibility of my design service allows for instant changes and will even show how colour or texture changes can affect the end result.

Clear communication

Crystal clear communication across everyone involved in redesigning your home is key to a project delivering to spec, on time, and within budget. That’s why all design work, documents and correspondence are jargon-free, specific, and detailed.

Photo of laptop and notepad on desk

How I work

Whether you are a homeowner, architect, builder, or kitchen fitter, you may not have worked with a home designer before. To illustrate how the process works, this is how I create a perfect home design for homeowners. If you are an architect, fitter or builder, get in touch to find out how we can collaborate.

STEP 1: Your space

Every remodel design project is special because you, your home and your lifestyle are a unique combination. I need to understand what you want the space to achieve and the possibilities available. That’s why every project begins with a free consultation and site visit. We’ll discuss options if you have architects and builders already involved and, if not, whether you want guidance to find the best ones.

STEP 2: Your solution

A detailed, costed, and transparent proposal will reach your email inbox approximately a week after your site visit (unless we agree a specific date). This will outline a design package that will meet your goals. Sometimes I’ll need additional research time, but I’ll keep you fully updated, via email, to keep everything on track.

STEP 3: Time to design

This is where the fun begins, and I design your perfect layout and 3D visuals.

Typically, I’ll come back to measure up and clarify details. This will result in 2D and 3D layouts of the existing space, adding key features such as windows, doors, chimneys and roofs. Once this is done, I’ll produce up to four 2D versions of proposed new layouts and up to twelve 3D images.

Depending on your project, there might be site visits to review the plans after each design version.

STEP 4: Ongoing support

Your project may include collaboration with your builders and trades team, in which case I’ll stay involved for as long as we agree. Either way, I like to keep in touch with my clients to see how the job has progressed, and I’m just as excited as you are to see the final result.

Get in touch to find out more

Why not book a free one-hour consultation to explore your space and discuss solutions?

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